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Sponsor A Student

Inner-City Scholarship Fund’s sponsorship program matches donors with low-income students who currently attend inner-city Catholic schools in some of the poorest sections of the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. Every year, there are hundreds of children who are no longer able to stay in these excellent schools simply because tuition expenses have grown beyond their families’ reach. As a sponsor, you will enable hardworking students to pursue their education in an academically competitive, values-oriented setting.

Donors can choose either to support a high school student for $3,700 per year or an elementary school student for just $2,200 per year. Hundreds of students are currently on our waiting list, hoping that Inner-City Scholarship Fund will find a sponsor for them as well.

If you would like further information about sponsoring a student, please contact Kelvin Gentles.

To learn how to apply for this program, please email info@innercitynyc.org.

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