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The Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvements Committee is now part of our sister organization, Champions For Quality Education.

Safe havens for inner-city children, Catholic schools provide a great education in an environment where teachers care and values matter. But the fact is, some of our schools are aging and in serious need of repair. The Capital Improvements Committee offers grants to elementary schools in the Archdiocese of New York for repairs and renovations that range from installing improved lighting to fixing broken windows and upgrading security systems. Grants serve to provide a more nurturing environment to students as well as to help increase enrollment in schools. The Committee raises the necessary funds for the capital improvements that make Archdiocesan school buildings safer, warmer and more conducive to helping our students learn.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Committee members provide program oversight, review applications, and oversee one special event.

TIME COMMITMENT: Three meetings annually

If you would like further information about the Capital Improvements Committee, please visit championsforqualityeducation.org or contact Danielle Forsythe.

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