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Our Mission

Inner-City Scholarship Fund changes lives for the better by providing families with demonstrable financial needs the opportunity to give their children a quality, values-based K-12 Catholic education within the Archdiocese of New York. Inner-City exists to ensure that the gift of an excellent Catholic school education continues to be a viable option for students of all faiths today and for future generations to come.

Inner-City Catholic Schools

73% of the students enrolled in designated elementary and secondary inner-city Catholic schools in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island come from homes living at or below the federal poverty line. The average scholarship recipient's family income is approximately $24,000 per year. Over 50% of inner-city Catholic school students come from single-parent households.

Despite these impediments, our Catholic schools—in partnership with our donors—enable our students and their families to overcome enormous odds and, through education, tuition aid, and your charitable giving, break the cycle of poverty.

In spite of the obstacles facing inner-city students, an astounding 99% of seniors attending Catholic high schools graduate and a further 98% of those graduates pursue higher education at universities across the nation.

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