Guadalupe, 5th grade

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Photo of Guadalupe
Guadalupe, 5th grade
Washington Heights, Manhattan

Meet Guadalupe Vargas, a 5th grader at a Catholic school in Washington Heights. Guadalupe lives with her parents and siblings in Harlem. While she excels in all of her subjects, Guadalupe’s strongest area is creative writing. “I encourage her to write as much as possible and to continue reading every day to further her language skills,” says Mr. Killian, who Guadalupe immediately confessed is her favorite teacher.

Guadalupe’s neighborhood is poor and crime-ridden. Statistics indicate that its children will continue to experience tough economic challenges in their adulthood. The numbers also conclusively show that a quality education—one that is not available in Guadalupe’s local public school—will greatly increase their likelihood of escaping poverty. Guadalupe is currently in a school that is safe and academically strong. She is an honors student and if she continues to receive a quality education she will undoubtedly go far. Her mother is handicapped and her father works very long hours to make ends meet for his family. Unfortunately, the sacrifices of Guadalupe’s father are currently not enough to keep her in the school she loves in the upcoming school year.

Guadalupe is currently on the wait list to receive a scholarship. Won’t you help by becoming her sponsor?

Student names have been changed to protect identity.