Hailey, 2nd Grade

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Photo of Hailey
Hailey, 2nd Grade
Christ the King School, Bronx

Hailey Marte, an exceptional second grader at Christ the King School in the Bronx, dreams of becoming a teacher one day. At a very young age, she has already become a big advocate of a Catholic school education and thanks Inner-City Scholarship Fund for making it a reality.

Hailey wants sponsors to know, “You will make kids safe, happy, and very grateful if you help them go to Catholic school. They will learn so much, like I have at Christ the King.” Hailey is indeed thriving at Christ the King, where she is an honors student who loves reading, solving math problems, and learning on her Chromebook computer. She particularly likes learning about God and her faith, and appreciates that her school is a safe and nurturing environment.

This is a fact that is not lost on her mother, Jenny Veras, who values the structure, academic discipline, and accountability at the school. “I am so grateful for what the school is doing and for how it complements and supports how she was brought up.” She wants Hailey to grow up with the same set of morals and respect that she did, so that Hailey can be independent, successful, and a person of character. “I want her to know that she can be anything she wants to be.” It has not been easy for Jenny, a single mother who is juggling a job as a teacher’s assistant and night classes to earn her college degree. Jenny says,

“It’s a constant struggle to keep up with rent, bills and the cost of just living in New York City.” Inner-City exists to take some of that financial burden away. Hailey’s sponsors, Christine and Stephen A. Schwarzman, help her and her mother through the Be A Student’s Friend program. “Knowing people are willing to do this gives you a sense of how loving people can be,” says Jenny. “I’m very grateful and appreciative for the help they are providing us.”

Student names have been changed to protect identity.