Justin, 11th Grade

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Photo of Justin
Justin, 11th Grade
All Hallows High School, Bronx

Justin, a hard-working eleventh grader at All Hallows High School, has spent all of his education in Catholic schools. Justin lives in the Bronx with his mother Michelle and receives a scholarship to attend All Hallows through Inner-City’s Be A Student’s Friend program, which matches students in need of fi nancial assistance with a sponsor who provides support. Justin is deeply appreciative of his sponsor Mr. Michael Millette, a member of the Board of Trustees of Inner-City Scholarship Fund. Without him, Justin’s Catholic school education would not have been possible, for even the modest tuition was too much for his mother. He explains his love for All Hallows, saying, “Everybody’s family; everybody helps each other out when there’s a problem. Principal Sullivan and the teachers expect us to do well, and with everyone having my back, I feel I have an advantage a lot of other kids in my community do not have.” English is the subject he’s most passionate about, but his future is still unfolding. He says he is most likely to become an entrepreneur or accountant, although there are other paths he’s exploring. “I’m trying to look deeper into what I want to do after high school. I’m thinking about different things, and I’m so grateful to attend this school because it gives me options to choose from.”

Student names have been changed to protect identity.