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Student Stories

Andres, 7th grade
St. Anselm School

Andres is a 7th grader at St. Anselm School. He lives in the Bronx with his older brother and his parents, who support the family on an annual income of $21,083. Andres is a first honors student whose favorite subject is history. He is extremely active... [Read more]

Martha, 3rd grade
Saint Elizabeth School
New York

Her name is Martha, a 3rd grader at Saint Elizabeth School in New York City. Martha and her older sister, an eighth grader at Saint Elizabeth, are being raised by their father, a manufacturing worker on disability whose annual income is just $24,000. Her father is on disability for a horrible accident... [Read more]

Guadalupe, 5th grade
Washington Heights

Meet Guadalupe Vargas, a 5th grader at a Catholic school in Washington Heights. Guadalupe lives with her parents and siblings in Harlem. While she excels in all of her subjects, Guadalupe’s strongest area is creative writing. “I encourage her to write as much as possible and to continue reading every day to further her language skills” says Mr. Killian... [Read more]

Kyle, 4th grade
Incarnation School
Washington Heights

Kyle is a 4th grader at Incarnation School in Washington Heights. Like over 50% of our families, Kyle comes from a single parent household and is being raised by his mother, Gloria. Recently, Gloria lost her job and in an effort to improve her employment opportunities, she enrolled in college on full scholarship while also working part-time... [Read more]

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