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Student Stories - Kyle

Kyle is a 4th grader at Incarnation School in Washington Heights. Like over 50% of our families, Kyle comes from a single parent household and is being raised by his mother, Gloria. Recently, Gloria lost her job and in an effort to improve her employment opportunities, she enrolled in college on full scholarship while also working part-time. Kyle’s mom often has to leave very early in the morning to get to her classes, so Kyle volunteers in the office at Incarnation until the school day begins. Despite the extra long day, Kyle always has a smile on his face. His principal reports that he is a well mannered, respectful and courteous young man who gladly volunteers his time to help others. Gloria is trying to manage the household expenses and tuition for Kyle, but she is struggling. Briana Pechin, the principal at Incarnation, helped Gloria apply for a scholarship.

The family has been on the wait list for six months. Kyle and his mom are anxiously awaiting news that a sponsor has been found to assist them with tuition. Currently 152 students are on our wait list—105 are elementary school age and 47 are high school age. Sponsors contribute $2,200 towards an elementary student’s tuition which covers 80% of the annual cost, and $3,700 towards a high school student which covers 50% of annual tuition.

Please consider becoming Kyle’s sponsor and ask a friend or colleague who might want to become his friend. By giving Kyle a scholarship to continue his studies at Incarnation, you are providing him with the tools to achieve. That gift is priceless.

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