50th Anniversary Celebration — Life Changers + Future Makers

Inner-City Students - Then and Now

Watch video: Inner-City’s 50th Anniversary: Looking Forward

In 2021, Inner-City Scholarship Fund is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. This represents fifty years of helping children in need receive a high-quality, values-based Catholic school education, and fifty years of support from our cherished friends and supporters. Throughout this year, Inner-City will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and we invite you to join the celebration, culminating with a fiftieth anniversary-themed event taking place this September. Thank you once more to all the supporters of Inner-City Scholarship Fund who have made this anniversary celebration possible!​

50th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committees

Executive Committee
Melody Di Piazza, Chair
Kristin Boyd
John Crewe
Jennifer Miller Dutton
Desmond Lyons
Ruth Woolard

Alumni Committee
Kristin Boyd, Chair
Jamie Corti
Tess Mateo
Deborah Oulvey

Commemoration and History Committee
Desmond Lyons, Chair
Helen Lowe
Amy McCready
Ponchitta Pierce
Ruth Woolard

Marketing Committee
John Crewe, Chair
Tess Mateo
Melanie Shugart

Signature Events Committee
Ruth Woolard, Chair
Calista Allen
Melody Di Piazza
Mary Rather

Public Relations Committee
Jennifer Miller Dutton, Chair
Donna Kalajian Lagani
Joe Lagani
Amanda Moore