Leadership Committee

The Junior Board is comprised of three committees and our program leaders. This includes the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Social and Marketing Committees. Our programming leadership oversee our Holiday Parties Field Trips, Community Service, and Basketball programs.

Executive Committee
Calista Allen, Executive Co-Chair
Amanda Moore, Executive Co-Chair
John Morrison, Treasurer
Sarah Davis, Social & Marketing Committees

Finance Committee
John Morrison, Treasurer and Co-Chair
Peter Julian Co-Chair

Social & Marketing Committees
Sarah Davis, Social Co-Chair
Jessica Granger, Marketing Co-Chair

Program Committee
Candace Davis, Co-Chair
Samantha Semeraro, Holiday Parties Co-Chair
John Morrison, Field Trips Co- Chair
Michael Goldberg, Field Trips Co-Chair
Dan Breen, Basketball Co-Chair
Shweta Kumar, Community Service Co-Chair