Learning to Look

Our Lady Of Grace students

The benefits of teaching children about art are well known to educators. The lessons learned through art classes help children to observe and reflect, which carries over into problem solving skills in math and other areas of study, in addition to giving them a greater appreciation of the world around them. Inner-City Scholarship Fund’s Learning to Look program trains volunteers to teach a six-session mini-course in art appreciation. Students’ responses to the pieces discussed in class are astonishingly insightful, and reflect an extraordinary understanding of the work. Fortunately for students in the program, some of the world’s greatest museums are just minutes away, allowing them to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the end of the course, where volunteers accompany students to see firsthand many of the works of art featured in their classes, greatly enhancing their learning experience.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Volunteers teach the program in six one hour sessions in the classroom and escort students to the Met for a field trip.

TIME COMMITMENT: Periodic classroom training sessions, one annual field trip.

To learn more about Inner-City’s Learning to Look program, please email info@innercitynyc.org