Donor-Advised Funds

St. Anthony students

Inner-City offers you the opportunity to create a charitable fund in your name, your family’s name, or that of a loved one.

A donor–advised fund allows you to give to the program of your choice and designate how your gift is invested over time. Your fund will act like a family foundation without associated costs, tax regulations, or paperwork—providing optimum tax benefits while you maximize your philanthropic impact.

To participate in a donor–advised fund, you can deposit cash, securities, or other financial instruments in an account with Inner-City. You will have the option to help direct how exactly these funds are used and at what time, using your own knowledge of Inner-City’s programs and those it serves.

In addition to a tax deduction, if you choose to donate securities or other financial instruments, you can avoid capital gains taxes that would be incurred by selling them to donate cash.

Giving to a donor–advised fund is a personal way to help Inner-City help children break the cycle of poverty with a quality, values-based Catholic school education.

To learn more, please call 212.753.8583 or email