Helen White

Our Lady Of Grace Students
Photo of Helen White with former classmates
Helen White

Helen White values Catholic school education, as she is a proud Catholic school alumnus. Helen looks to support students who reside in Fordham section of the Bronx where she lived as a child. Helen says, “Catholic school education is important, particularly in inner-city schools where they need guidance.”

Helen is grateful that her family paid no tuition for her own Catholic education. Her family has a tradition of attending Catholic schools and of assisting others who could not afford to do so; her son also sponsors a child.

She encourages others to give to Inner-City because of the impact it has on a child’s life, expressing her belief that “An investment in a child’s tuition has more of a benefit than small contributions to any number of other causes. The results show that the benefits of a Catholic school education are lifelong and life-changing.”

Helen has been a sponsor since 2011 and hopes that the children she supports will continue on to Catholic high schools. She praises the school’s atmosphere for fostering a belief in God as well as providing a strong moral education.