Mary & Tom Julian

Our Lady Of Grace Students
Photo of Mary & Tom Julian
Mary & Tom Julian

“A Catholic education becomes part of who you are.” – Mary Julian

Mary first got involved with Inner-City Scholarship Fund through her parents. Her father, Nicholas, established the Nicholas and Cristina Raho Foundation. Her father had a passion for Inner-City, and she felt it was important to carry on her parent’s legacy and share their passion by getting involved.

Mary now shares this passion with her husband, Tom, where both of them are active and involved in Inner-City. Tom believes when an education is given, there is a long term impact. Many children in the public school system drop out, however, with Catholic schools, children will start in kindergarten and finish their education with a high school diploma. Tom says, “these schools provide a warm, welcoming environment. It’s clear their leaders take pride in them.” Tom goes on to add, “the principals know every student’s name, and the teachers have a love of their work and of the children. That becomes ingrained in a student.”

Mary believes that a Catholic education, especially one that begins early on in a child’s life, becomes a part of who you are. Mary states, “it’s a foundation in math and reading, but it all links back to values, and that’s why these kids go on to become productive people.”