Martha MacCallum, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, and Gala Chairs Mollie and John Callagy.
The FRIENDS of Inner-City Scholarship Fund 35th Annual Gala

Monday, May 16, 2011
Cipriani 42nd Street, NYC

On Monday, May 16, 2011, four hundred guests sipped Bellini cocktails, dined on scrumptious fare and danced to the music of the Summer Band at the FRIENDS of Inner-City Scholarship Fund’s 35th Annual Gala.

In a setting of pink peonies and yellow tulips, Archbishop Timothy Dolan presided at the fete at Cipriani 42nd Street. Gala Chairs Mollie and John Callagy led a remarkable fundraising effort, garnering more than $800,000 to assure that Inner-City’s crucial work will continue.  (continued)

Board of Trustees

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

Peter T. Grauer

Robert M. Amen
Lawrence B. Benenson
Ronald E. Blaylock
John M. Callagy, Esq.
Anthony J. de Nicola
Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr.
John Q. Doyle
Florence B. D’Urso
John J. Farrell
Edward D. Herlihy, Esq.
George B. Irish
Thomas S. Johnson
Catherine M. Keating
James B. Lee, Jr.
Arthur J. Mahon, Esq.
Thomas S. Murphy, Jr.
Ponchitta Pierce
Patricia A. Quick
Thomas C. Quick
Mo Rocca
Mauro C. Romita
Stephen G. Rooney, Esq.
Mark S. Rossi
Howard J. Rubenstein
Frederic V. Salerno
Peter K. Scaturro
Joseph R. Schmuckler
Christine H. Schwarzman
Martin J. Sullivan
Mary Ann Tighe
Walter S. Tomenson, Jr.
Hon. Milton L. Williams, Sr.
Paul P. Woolard

Edward Cardinal Egan
Hon. Edward I. Koch
Jonathan O’Herron
Thomas S. Murphy, Sr.
Francis C. Rooney, Jr.
Wolfgang Schoellkopf
Frank J. Tasco

Dear Friends,

As I watch our students and their families experience the thrill of graduation each year, I am filled with pride in the work we do and with appreciation for the enormous generosity of Inner-City Scholarship Fund’s donors and volunteers. Your investment in the lives of inner-city children through our Be A Student’s Friend program resulted in 184 seniors graduating from high school this year, with over 90% pursuing higher education at a wide range of schools including Columbia, Cornell, Holy Cross, Marist, Penn State, and Vanderbilt.

I recently received an email from Sister Mary Ann D’Antonio, Principal of St. Raymond Academy for Girls in the Bronx. In her message she shared a story about Miamichelle Abad, a member of this year’s graduating class:

In September 2008, it looked as if Mia’s mother would not be able to afford Catholic School for her daughter. As a result, for two days in early September, Mia enrolled in a nearby public high school. Each afternoon, it broke my heart to watch her standing outside our school at dismissal. When I processed her exit report, someone from Inner-City Scholarship Fund called me and within an hour Mia was back at St. Raymond. I was told that ICSF had found her sponsors who would take care of everything for the next three years. Their names are Stephen and Christine Schwarzman…Last Friday, Miamichelle received the Academy’s ‘Medal of Honor’: the Alumnae Medal, awarded each year to a graduating student who exemplifies the mission and philosophy of St. Raymond Academy. She graduated on June 8, 2011 with a NYS Regents Diploma and is headed to Lehman College where she will be part of the SEEK program. This is all because of all of you! I am eternally grateful to Inner-City Scholarship Fund and your donors for your support of our students.

A note like this is a true testament to the impact our donors make on the lives of our inner-city boys and girls.

In this newsletter you will learn about another graduate, Anthony Cato, a member of the Cardinal Hayes graduating class of 2011. He will attend Boston College next fall. Anthony is extremely grateful for his Catholic education, which he credits to his Be A Student’s Friend sponsors, Kevin and Mary Anne Mulvey: “My sponsors have made a great investment in me, and I understand that I must capitalize on this investment by succeeding at the college level.”

These joyous achievements are only possible because of people like you who have given so many deserving inner-city children the priceless gift of a quality education. Congratulations to the Class of 2011 and to all of the donors who helped them reach this milestone!

With warm regards and sincere gratitude,

Susan George
Executive Director

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Cardinal Hayes student wows the crowd

Gala Emcee Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum, Anchor of America’s Newsroom on the Fox News Channel, emceed the evening, which was highlighted by Cardinal Hayes High School students singing selections from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the school’s spring theatrical production. Hayes president Father Joseph Tierney offered an Invocation that highlighted the ways in which a Catholic school education impacts the lives of students.

Since its founding 35 years ago, the FRIENDS committee has developed and implemented a wide variety of volunteer programs in support of inner-city elementary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese; these include the Learning to Look program, the ICSF Junior Committee, the Job Opportunities Program (JOP), and the Project YESS Leadership Committee.

The first Learning to Look art appreciation classes began in the spring of 1994. This school year, 27 volunteers taught classes in seven schools; in May, volunteers conducted their classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where students were able to see first-hand many of the pieces they had studied throughout the year. Two valued Learning to Look teachers—Marcy Russo and Linda Stewart—retired at the end of this school year and will be missed.

The Junior Committee provides tutoring and mentoring to students, has established a basketball league, and organizes field trips and hands-on work projects in the schools. The FRIENDS’ Job Opportunities Program conducts Saturday workshops to prepare 11th and 12th graders for the workplace and to place them in minimum-wage summer internships at non-profits and corporations. Project YESS (Young Executives Supporting Schools) raises funds for capital improvements.

The Gala funds will enable all of these programs to continue.

Up next is the ICSF Award Dinner on Monday, December 5, 2011. Be sure to Save the Date! Contact Marion Whiting at 646.794.3332 or for more information.

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Tom Cunningham, Principal of Saint Elizabeth School, thanks guests at the Project YESS Reception
On June 21, 2011, the Project YESS Leadership Committee hosted its annual reception and silent auction at the majestic 620 Loft and Garden. The venue provided beautiful views of Rockefeller Center and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral while the smooth jazz of the Dustin Cicero Trio entertained guests.

The event raised nearly $50,000 to support capital improvements and repairs at inner-city Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of New York. Additionally, 24 guests generously donated a total of $7,500 for a much needed project at Saint Joseph School in the South Bronx, which will replace windows last updated in 1922.

Project YESS founder and Co-Chair Tom Madden welcomed those in attendance and honored Jim Knight, who was instrumental in providing St. Elizabeth Elementary School in Washington Heights with a new Smart Board earlier in the year.

“Our schools have meant so much to the New York Community for generations and Project YESS is keeping them around for generations to come,” said special guest Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who addressed the 200+ guests in attendance.

ICSF-supported schools are safe-havens in which inner-city children receive a life-changing Catholic education, but many are aging structures in significant need of repair.

Since 1998, Project YESS has provided almost $3.7 million to ICSF schools for 169 projects, including 16 new grant awards this past school year.

To learn more about Project YESS and how to get involved, please contact Alyson Gerken at 646.794.3330 or

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A Night To Celebrate

BASF sponsor Mo Rocca celebrates with students at the BASF Graduation gathering

On May 25, 2011, at the 3 West Club in mid-town Manhattan, our BASF sponsors and graduating students had a chance to gather together to mark the milestone that epitomizes everything the program works for — Graduation Day!

At the event BASF alum Yareni Sanchez shared her BASF experience with the guests. Her journey began in the projects of Harlem. As a result of her Be A Student’s Friend scholarship, she found a sanctuary, a home away from home, at the Academy of St. Ursula, an all-girls Catholic school in the Bronx. At school, Yareni found sisterhood, and a family of teachers and administrators who were invested in her both academically and emotionally. Upon graduating from St. Ursula, Yareni attended Columbia University. She is currently a Legislative Aide in the offices of the New York City Council.

At the conclusion of her address, Yareni provided advice to our graduating seniors. She encouraged them “to breathe, to explore your possibilities and to do what truly makes you happy.” With gratitude, Yareni acknowledged the blessings she was given as a result of the BASF scholarship program, asking, “Who knows where I would be today without my sponsor?”

Through the Be A Student’s Friend (BASF) program, ICSF finds willing sponsors to provide financial assistance to inner-city Catholic school students like Yareni who are on the verge of leaving their schools because their families cannot afford the tuition.

On this special night, BASF graduates were able to celebrate the occasion with the people who helped make their achievement possible, and their sponsors had the opportunity to congratulate their students and the Class of 2011:

“Congratulations to Ana [Jimenez] and everyone else in her class.” —Sue Costa

“This is with respect to Jasmine Young: We wish her every success in college and in life, and we are just thrilled to have been the smallest part of that success. All the best to you.” —Robert and Michelle McDermott

“Congratulations to all the Be A Student’s Friend Graduates! You came this far; I cannot imagine how far you will go— because it’s going to be really, really far. You’ve all done so well—frankly, against a lot of odds. And I’m the one who’s inspired here—I’m looking to you for some advice at this point.” —Mo Rocca

“We loved being sponsors. We loved the fact that our students were so good to us… their letters meant the world to us. We hope to stay in touch going forward, and we look forward to the new children we’re going to obtain, hopefully, when these kids leave the program.” —Anonymous BASF Sponsors

“To the class of 2011 and two members of that class whom I know quite well—Savion James-Marcelle and Alexi Palmer—I am as proud of you for your accomplishments and your poise and solid values as your families are. As a sponsor, you gave me a gift—the gift of seeing you mature and graduate. For many of the class of 2011, and for my two students, you will be going on to college—you are well prepared and highly motivated. Do not lose sight of your dream. For those of you in the class of 2011 who have decided to pursue other avenues—you are also very well prepared and will be successful. Please keep your eye on whatever it is you want to achieve. Lastly, to the class of 2011, please keep in touch. With much affection.” —Barbara Weisz

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From The Bronx To Boston College

BASF Graduate, Anthony Cato
“The world needs young men who are self-driven and have a desire to improve both their surroundings and the people who surround them. Catholic school helped me hone my talents as a student and as an individual.”

Meet Anthony Cato, a graduating senior from Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx. Anthony is one of four children. His mother is an employee of Daffy’s, a retail store in the city. The family resides in the Bronx and its income is very limited. Thanks to the help of BASF sponsors, Kevin and Mary Anne Mulvey, Anthony’s mom found the means to put her son in Catholic school right from the very beginning of his academic journey. Anthony has now successfully completed his high school education and will be attending Boston College in the fall of 2011 where he plans to major in Economics. He noted, “My sponsors have made a great investment in me, and I understand that I must capitalize on this investment by succeeding at the college level.”

Recently, Anthony was asked if he noticed a difference between those students attending public versus Catholic schools. “In all of my years of Catholic education, I have yet to meet a teacher or faculty member that I felt was not legitimately concerned about my future. Also, in public school I noticed the lack of friendship and camaraderie among students, but here at Cardinal Hayes I have made friends with everyone in my senior year class. There is no social divide at all.”

Reading, watching movies, playing video games, band practice... Anthony seems like your typical high school student. But without the assistance of his Be A Student’s Friend sponsors, this graduating senior might well have found himself struggling to be recognized and supported by his teachers. From the Bronx to Boston College, Anthony proudly carries with him strong friendships and lasting memories of his Catholic school journey.

To learn more about Be A Student’s Friend, please visit us online at

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Meet A Student On Our Wait List

Mayrin, 2nd grader at St. Thomas Aquinas School
Her name is Mayrin, an honors student at St. Thomas Aquinas School in the Bronx, who will enter the second grade in September 2011. Mayrin and her sister, a senior at St. Thomas, are being raised by their mother, a housekeeper whose annual income is just $16,000. Originally from Nicaragua, Mayrin’s mother is active in their parish and firmly believes in Catholic education. But without a Sponsor, Mayrin is in jeopardy of not being able to follow in her sister’s footsteps by completing her education at the school she loves. Living expenses are rising and college costs will be a strain on the household’s finances. Mayrin needs your support.

The family has been on the wait list for six months. Mayrin and her mom are anxiously awaiting news that a sponsor has been found to assist them with tuition. Mayrin’s favorite subject is spelling because, “I like to learn how to spell new words.” Painting and playing with her best friend occupy her after-school time. Her older sister is “cool” and helps her with her homework, and Mayrin boasts that she has the best sister in the world!

A BASF Scholarship enables our students and their families to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Please consider being a friend to Mayrin by helping her continue her education. She has been on the wait list for six months. Securing a Sponsor before the start of the new school year would bring a sigh of relief to this hard-working but struggling family.

To help Mayrin and students like her on our waitlist, please contact Ginine Cilenti at 646.794.3357 or

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Here are just a few:

•  ABC (Association to Benefit Children)
•  Bloomberg
•  Central Park Conservancy
•  Colgate Palmolive
•  Elizabeth Seton Pediatrics Center
•  Kelley Drye and Warren
•  Mt. Sinai Medical Center
•  Wachtell, Lipton, and Katz
•  Willkie Farr & Gallagher

In its 26th year, the Job Opportunities Program (JOP) is providing more than 100 inner-city high school students with formal work training, life skills and access to role model mentors.

After a series of five Saturday JOP workshops, ICSF students are now completing their summer internships at New York City companies and nonprofit organizations. To date, leading the way are Bloomberg LP which has hired seven summer interns and the Association to Benefit Children which has hired ten striving JOP student interns wishing to “give back” to the Harlem community. More than twenty other organizations have hired ICSF JOP students as summer interns.

Since 1985 over 3,000 students have participated in JOP to prepare themselves for the professional world. JOP provides strategies for success at work and in the college application process. The students learn from volunteer mentors, supervisors and seasoned professionals while earning income from a first-time job. JOP participants develop the confidence and maturity necessary to becoming responsible adult members of the workforce.

Over the past four years, 100% of JOP interns have gone on to college or pursued post-secondary educational programs.

To volunteer, contribute or learn more, contact Christine Desposito, ICSF’s JOP Coordinator at

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ICSF Junior Committee: leading our students by example

Junior Committee Fundraising Co-Chairs Lauren Crowley (left) and Katie Murphy (right) with ICSF students at the Spring Benefit
On April 29 the Junior Committee held its annual spring Gala, Royal Empire State of Mind, themed in honor of both the Royal Wedding and our great New York City. The night brought together two hundred young professionals for music, dancing and cocktail fare. It raised an unprecedented $33,000 to support the Junior Committee initiatives. But the event had a different meaning for five eighth grade students from East Harlem. Beyond the views of midtown Manhattan, these students saw the potential for their own futures. Their principal, Joanne Walsh (Our Lady Queen of Angels School, later said, “The 8th graders have volunteered to come back to be ‘ambassadors’ at such grand affairs. As I mentioned on the way home, they could be guests ten years from now at these types of events as long as they keep education at the top of their priorities.” Being an inspiration and setting an example is the essence of the Junior Committee’s mission. Its Leadership sub-Committee and volunteers work intensely to give the participating students an enriching experience.

Spring 2011 Program Highlights:
Beyond the program initiatives, the Junior Committee invests in the ICSF mission by sponsoring five BASF scholarships and two JOP internships. It hopes to increase these numbers by the end of the year.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in volunteering or supporting the Junior Committee, please have them contact Janelle Hengeveld at or visit our website

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students helping students

Last spring, students from Manhattan’s Epiphany School raised funds on behalf of ICSF’s Emergency Tuition Assistance (ETA) program as part of the school’s “Stars for Service” program, a voluntary, school-wide community-service initiative.

The ETA program offers one-time grants to families in need of financial assistance due to catastrophic events like parental illness or job loss. When students at Epiphany learned of a particular student at St. Ann’s School in Harlem whose tuition needs had suddenly become insurmountable, they resolved to lessen the financial burden on his family’s shoulders by donating to Inner-City Scholarship Fund on his behalf.

“I approached Susan George about this in February and we decided to help,” said Principal Jim Hayes. “We conduct many ‘Stars for Service’ events during the course of the year and this was especially rewarding because our students play against a number of inner city schools in CYO basketball.”

The students raised $1,000 to be put toward the needy student’s tuition, with many of them contributing their own weekly allowances.

If you would like to learn more about the Emergency Tuition Assistance program, contact Ginine Cilenti at 646.794.3357 or

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Manhattan Catholic Schools Speech Bee Highlights Eloquence and
Poise of Inner-City Students

First place speaker: Lorenzo Cruz of Saint Stephen of Hungary School
On May 10, 2011, students from Catholic schools across Manhattan gathered at Corpus Christi School in Morningside Heights to compete in the annual Manhattan Catholic Schools Speech Contest. Sister June Clare Tracy, O.P., Manhattan District Superintendent of Catholic Schools, hosted the event, while Ms. Maureen McElduff of Guardian Angel School in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood served as timekeeper. Three judges— including Inner-City Scholarship Fund Executive Director Susan George—were on hand as twelve students from grades five through eight competed for the contest’s top prize.

Competitors were asked to deliver a speech themed, “An American Invention”; topics ran the gamut from windshield wipers to the polio vaccine. While all of the speeches were impressively delivered, fifth grader Lorenzo Cruz of Saint Stephen of Hungary School emerged as the competition’s winner, wowing the judges with his speech on the development of the computer. When asked how he went about preparing for his presentation, Cruz said that he conducted research online and at the library, practiced his speech daily, “and,” he added, “I tried my best.” Among those observing the contest was Lorenzo’s mother, who had high praise for both the competitors and the teachers who helped them prepare for the big day. She noted, “We’re very grateful, because the teachers really helped [Lorenzo] practice and trained him to write the very good piece that he presented,” adding, “the children were excellent—very poised, and very prepared.”

Following the competition, event host and District Superintendant Sister June Clare Tracy commented on the contest’s benefits to the students, acknowledging that it is an “interesting and lively” way for them to earn English credit as well as a wonderful public speaking experience:

“I’ve seen over the years the quality of the presentations getting better and better,” she said. “The students grow more and more comfortable in front of the mic. They even start to use gestures and tone-variation to reinforce points made within their speeches.”

Congratulations to all of the speech contest participants!

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Academy of Mount St. Ursula
Peggy B. Adu-Kyei — SUNY - Stony Brook
Jasmine Coleman — CUNY - City College of New York
Ashley Cortez — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Sarah Cruz — Pending
Aracelys Figueroa — CUNY - Lehman College
Chloe Geigel — Hawaii Pacific University
Jassmin Reyes — Manhattanville College
Hanna S. Shaikh — Pace University
Loren Thomas — Pending

All Hallows High School
Carlos Benavides — CUNY - Lehman College
Javier Gutierrez — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Elvis Hernandez — Catholic University
Hamlet Martinez — Manhattan College
Juliane Mateo — University of Arkansas
Christopher Ponce — Fordham University
Christopher Quinones — SUNY - College of Buffalo
Steven Quinones — College of Mt. Saint Vincent
Ralphy Reyes — Marines
Emmanuel Rodriguez — SUNY - Brockport
Matthew R. Roman — Navy
Brandon L. Sanchez — Manhattan College
Andrew J. Singh — Five Towns

Aquinas High School
Julia Alvarez — CUNY - City College of New York
Haydee Arias — CUNY - City College of New York
Danella Chambers — CUNY - City College of New York
Remi M. Collazo — St. John's University
Krystal Dacres — SUNY - Albany
Marci Dillion — Iona
Ayisha Edwards — Howard University
Alyssa Martir — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Cathy Mendez — SUNY - Sullivan County Community College
Anisa Newkirk — Hofstra University

Cardinal Hayes High School
Ismael Adorno — College of Mount St. Vincent
Eugene Boadu — SUNY - Plattsburgh
Jorge Cardenas — NYU
Anthony Cato — Boston College
Keven Gonzalez — Mercy College
Alejandro Moreno — College of Mount St. Vincent
Ulysses Quintana — Will not be attending college due to his physical condition at this time.
Kevin R. Rentas — St. Thomas Aquinas
Eric L. Soto — Pending
Nicholas Vidal — SUNY - Alfred

Cardinal Spellman High School
Pamela Alcantara — Penn State
Dylan Blake — US Armed Forces
Rodane R. Boyd — University of New Haven
Roosevelt R. Castillo — College of Mount St. Vincent
Dontae Davis-Croft — Hampton University
Simone S. Dunn — Johnson & Wales (Rhode Island)
Cheryl Francisco — SUNY - Albany
Amber Griffin — Rutgers University or SUNY - Farmingdale State College
Dana Jones — Delaware State University or CUNY NYC College of Technology
Alexandra D. Luciano — Pending
Brianna Mancini — College of New Rochelle
Joseph F. Miranda — CUNY - Lehman College
Johalee Perez — CUNY - Lehman College
Christian Rosado — Syracuse University
Christopher M. Sepulveda — SUNY - Westchester Community College
Ambur Taska — SUNY - Old Westbury College
Chelsea Thompson — Delaware State University

Cathedral High School
Kimberly Berry — Wesleyan College
Anel Caba — CUNY - Lehman College
Luzandra Chavez — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Gidalthy Estevez — College of Mount St. Vincent
Samira Grant — Rutgers University
Tiana Howell — Dominican College
Jie Y. Hu — College of Staten Island
Ana Jimenez — Academy of Art University
Georgina Morillo — Syracuse University
Alexi Palmer — Fairleigh Dickinson University
Barbara E. Polanco — Bond University
Jazmin Puentes — College of Mount St. Vincent
Chelsie K. Ramirez — College of Mount St. Vincent
Kimberly Rondon — Penn State
Carolina Santelises — CUNY - Bernard Baruch College
Jasmine E. Vasquez — Iona
Brenda Velazquez — St. John's University
Angelique M. Velez — Art Institute of New York City
Jazmin Young — New York Film Academy

La Salle Academy
Christian Castellon — Academy of Art University
Richard Felipe — CUNY - John Jay
Brandon Hernandez — SUNY - IT
Craig Hines — Cazenovia College
Savion James-Marcelle — Full Sail University
Jake Martinez — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
David Montiel — Manhattan College
Ivan Rodriguez — Mercy College
Kevin Romero — CUNY - College of Staten Island

Monsignor Scanlan
Simone R. Boykin — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Jessica L. Campoverde — CUNY - Bronx Community College
Jessica Carter — St. Peter's College
Clarissa Gonzalez — Mercy College
Vanessa Pimentel — CUNY - John Jay College
Michael J. Santonastasio — College of Mount St. Vincent
Joselo A. Santos — Employment
Christopher Velez — Mercy College

Mother Cabrini High School
Caroline Almonte — SUNY - Stony Brook
Eileen M. Cotto — SUNY - NYC College of Technology
Veronica Cruz — College of Mt. Saint Vincent
Kassandra Molina — CUNY - York
Yanibell Pena — College of Mt. Saint Vincent
Lynn-Marie Peralta — CUNY - NYC College of Technology
Ryan A. Sinclair — Penn State Hazelton

Mount St. Michael Academy
Mark Claudio — Delhi University
Jordan Harris — New Haven University
Joshua Monche — Penn State - Altoona
Wilfredo A. Ortiz — Sacred Heart University
Travis Price-Grant — Penn State - Hazelton
Nelson Ramos — University of Buffalo

Notre Dame School of Manhattan
Paloma V. Alonso — Villanova
Brittany Baez — Syracuse
Cora Brown — SUNY - Oneonta
Yaritza Cruz — Wagner
Arively Escobar — Villanova
Adriana Espinal — CUNY - City College
Kara Handy — Scranton
Katherine M. Jackson — Manhattanville
Manvinder Kaur — CUNY - Hunter
Margarita Kenny — NYU
Sarah M. Medina — Manhattanville
Peinda Niang — SUNY - Binghamton
Monalisa J. Okore — Columbia
Sonia Rivas — CUNY - Brooklyn
Euporria Roberson — SUNY - Binghamton
Norma Secaira — Cornell
Nancy B. Sinchi — Iona
Stephanie Tavarez — Lemoyne/CUNY - Brooklyn

Preston High School
Thuy Vy Nguyen — Long Island University: Brentwood

Rice High School
Mohamed Basse — East Stroudsburg University
Hyisheem Calier — Virginia State University
Stanley A. Rogers — Fairfield University
Michael Walker — Virginia Union University

St. Agnes Boys High School
Eddie Andujar — Lafayette College
Kelvin Betances — NYU
Clyde Davis — City Technical College
Dalin Figueroa — Scranton University
Irving Jimenez — Clarkson University
Yong J. Liang — CUNY - Baruch College
Steve Luciano — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College
Michael A. Mosquera — CUNY - La Guardia Community College
Christopher Torres — Holy Cross College

St. Barnabas High School
Sheena M. Coburn — College of Westchester
Damaris Enriquez — Queensborough Community College
Simone Gordon — Clark Atlanta
Anissa Osorio — Mercy College
Giselle Toro — Armed Forces

St. Catharine Academy
Angelica Arroyo — CUNY - Hostos Community College
Sherley Garcia — Fordham University
Ivanna Henriquez — CUNY - John Jay
Stephanie Herrera — College of New Rochelle
Victoria Jablonski — Concordia
Tiyana Johnson — Virginia Union
Chantia J. Keith — Delaware State
Emily Peralta — SUNY - Buffalo State
Gina Ribustello — CUNY - Lehman College
Crystal Rivera — Pending
Yanese Smith — Pending
Giselle A. Toro — Pending

St. Jean Baptiste High School
Katherine Beltran — NYU
Lea M. Garcia — University of New Haven
Lucky Green — CUNY - La Guardia Community College
Rikelma Jimenez-Hidalgo — American University
Elder Martinez — Felician College
Xiomara Pacheco — CUNY - Lehman College
Berenice Rivas — College of Mount St. Vincent
Daisha Scott — SUNY - Buffalo
Joandra Ulloa — Penn State

St. Peter's HS for Girls
Fatima Baro — Virginia State University
Eunice Matos — College of Staten Island

St. Pius V HS
Angelina F. Owusu — Dowling College

St. Raymond Academy for Girls
Miamichelle Abad — CUNY - Lehman College
Sylvia Dolmo — St. John's University
Salihah Fairweather — University of Bridgeport
Shaun Gay — The College of New Rochelle College of Nursing
Celismarie Gutierrez — College of Mount St. Vincent
Stephanie Maldonado — Mercy College
Bianca Sugrimsingh — CUNY - John Jay

St. Raymond High School For Boys
Christopher Bianchi — Westchester Community College
Trey Blount — Air Force
Raphael Castillo — Mount St. Vincent
Johnathan Crucey — Dominican College
Timothy Jones — St. Thomas Aquinas
Matthew Jusino — Marines
Joseph Padro — Broome Community College
Jesus I. Reyes — Undecided
Ian Valle — CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College

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Inner-City Scholarship Fund
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New York, NY 10022